“SF and fantasy hold out the prospect of  possibility and in  possibility you have choice and in choice you have freedom and there you have touched on the basic nature of every person.” 
— L. Ron Hubbard      “I loved Mission Earth” declared Ray Faraday Nelson of the genre’s new wave, “The CIA will hate it.” He was undoubtedly correct, and particularly in light of later charges that Agency personnel had been financing Central American operations with profits from the heroin trade – all as more or less portrayed in the pages of Mission Earth. Similarly, there is all Mission Earth has to say concerning drug enforcement officials on the take – more or less in line with later scandals involving Mexican enforcement agencies – and all else the series lampoons as regards earth-raping multinationals, death-dealing bureaucracies, conniving media, casual murder and rampant immorality. Or as yet another critic described it, “in a biting commentary on exactly who is doing what on today’s earth.”

     The statement is supremely apt, and actually even more so given what the shape of society as we approach the new millennium. For example, much of Heller’s trials involve his efforts to salvage earth from wanton pollution at the hands of a John Delbert Rockecenter and the Seven Brothers, i.e., the Seven Sisters. In the process, Heller stumbles upon an alien plot to subvert Voltarian society with several thousand tons of Turkish opium. (Although physiologically superior in certain respects, Voltarians are nonetheless subject to the same dark temptations as the earthling.) The result: an utterly pandemic drug abuse crisis, much like what we suffer today. There is likewise much regarding the patently illegal methods of law enforcement agencies, (as in a Federal Bureau of Investigation now known to have wiretapped the telephones of United States congressional representatives), and the employment of a J. Walter Madison to keep the reading public fully uninformed – as in the J. Walter Thompson public relations conglomerate representing highly dubious medical, pharmaceutical and petroleum interests, and lately charged with helping to incite the Gulf War. Finally, there is also much on the psychiatric and psychological encouragement of sexual perversion as a means of population control – all under a banner of “Mental Stealth” and all perfectly in line with the smorgasbord of sexual perversion now advertised everywhere under that ever-popular euphemism, “The Alternative Lifestyle.”

The Magnum Opus: Mission Earth continued...

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