Each volume of the Mission Earth series is a New York Times bestseller. It has been released in 12 countries. In all it has sold more than 7 million copies in six languages.

“I loved Mission Earth. The CIA will hate it. Hubbard has produced a real knee-slapper... he’s laughing at the sacred cow of the eighties, the so-called intelligence community... Few writers have had the knack of making a serious philosophical point without ever stopping to preach, without ever slowing the action for an instant.”

–Ray Faraday Nelson


“We do not collect trendy authors, nor do we collect minor authors. In the field of American literature, for instance, we select with care only those American or Californian authors who we determine are important contributors to the state, to the country and to the world. L. Ron Hubbard is perhaps the quintessential western author, and his works fit perfectly in our collection.”

–Thomas V. Lange
The Huntington Library


The Invaders Plan [Volume 1, Mission Earth] reads like an intergalactic Raiders of the Lost Ark. Once you start you’ll be hard pressed to put the book down. On our scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being excellent, The Invaders Plan comes out at 10. It’s fabulous and fun reading.

–United Press International


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