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L. Ron Hubbard Gold Award
The L. Ron Hubbard Gold Award (left), presented annually to the winner of the Writers of The Future Contest. Finalists and winners of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of The Future Contest are published in annual anthologies. For many winners this provides the catalyst for a professional writing career.

iven the traditionally difficult path from first manuscript to published novel – and particularly so in an era when publishers tend to devote the lion’s share of advertising budgets to but a few household names – L. Ron Hubbard “initiated a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged.” That means was his Writers of The Future Contest. Established in 1983, expressly for the unpublished novelist (candidates may have previously published three short stories or a novelette), Writers of The Future has subsequently become the most respected and significant forum for new talent in the whole of the fantasy and science fiction realm. Accordingly, judges are drawn from among the most celebrated names of the genre, including: Robert Silverberg, Frank Herbert, Jerry Pournelle, Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey and – longtime LRH friends from that fabled golden age – Jack Williamson and C. L. Moore.

     In addition to cash awards, winning entries are annually published in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of The Future anthology – the bestselling new fiction anthology of its kind, and a proven springboard for the future publication of contributors. Point of fact: since inception, the contest has helped place more than a hundred new novels on American shelves, has launched the professional careers of 150 young authors, and has otherwise rightfully earned the description “a credit to American literature and a singular, generous event.” The Writers of The Future has further rightfully earned a place alongside the Hugo and Nebula awards as the third in a triad of the genre’s primary acknowledgments for literary excellence.

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