A Closing Note

n 1986, to meet a continuing demand for the works of L. Ron Hubbard, the LRH literary agency of Author Services, Inc. commenced a twenty-year schedule for the republication of all early LRH fiction and all remaining unpublished works. Fear and Final Blackout, among the first of those works to see reprint, promptly leapt to bestseller lists in a telling restatement of popularity from fifty years earlier. Among other titles slated for publication are two comedic LRH screenplays, Ai! Pedrito! and A Very Strange Trip, Ron authorized for novelization by those following in his footsteps through his Writers of The Future program among other authors. (More will be said on these screenplays in Ron: The Filmmaker.) Also slated for reprint is much of what originally endeared Ron to readers of Argosy and Five Novels Monthly, more again from the pages of Thrilling Adventures and Detective Fiction Weekly, still more from the likes of Astounding and Unknown...until, at last, readers may conveniently examine the whole of the L. Ron Hubbard literary legacy, some four hundred titles in all.

     What that legacy finally represents is, of course, what has been variously stated by authors and critics through the pages of this publication: here is a writer who stands among the most influential and widely read authors of all time, with an astonishing 114 million published copies of fiction and nonfiction in more than a hundred nations and thirty languages. Here is a “creator of the first order, blessed with an imagination beyond description,” as Hans Janitschek so eloquently phrased it. Or even more simply, here is an author who has shown us what this business of writing is finally all about.


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