The Manuscript Factory by L. Ron Hubbard


      Or, if you are a professional, you want to make more money. Whichever it is, it’s certain that you want to advance your present state to something better and easier and more certain.

     Very often I hear gentlemen of the craft referring to writing as the major “insecure” profession. These gentlemen go upon the assumption that the gods of chance are responsible and are wholly accountable for anything which might happen to income, hours, or pleasure. In this way they seek to excuse a laxity in thought and a feeling of unhappy helplessness which many writers carry forever with them.

     But when a man says that, then it is certain that he rarely, if ever, takes an accounting of himself and his work, that he has but one yardstick. You are either a writer or you aren’t. You either make money or you don’t. And all beyond that rests strictly with the gods.

     I assure you that a system built up through centuries of commerce is not likely to cease its function just because your income seems to depend upon your imagination. And I assure you that the overworked potence of economics is just as applicable to this business of writing as it is to shipping hogs.

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