[Picture]      In connection with that last, the funniest thing I have seen this month is a column in a detective mag which exposes rackets for the readers. This month the columnist is exposing a certain concern and right there in the ad across the page is the whole copy, word for word, which he is exposing.

     I omit, too, the pen-pal clubs and old money. I omit the one saving grace – those swell-looking cigarette ads on the back and a couple furniture ads.

     But those are all. Just those, no more. I have the field covered.

     The argument against big companies advertising in the pulps is twofold. The big company doesn’t want to be in such companionship, and the returns from these pulp ads is not sufficient. Good arguments against it.

     But here is what I’m driving at. You and I are writers. We are supposed to know nothing about such things. But if you have snickered or blushed while reading this article, then please realize that your friend the reader does exactly the same thing. He’s no different from us, except that we’re probably a little dumber than he is.

     I am taking a load upon myself in writing this at all. Don’t think I shoot off my face for my health because it isn’t at all healthy.

     Up in the advertising offices of the Big Five, angry advertising men, I suppose, will take this in to the boss and swear at it. And then word will come through the office that every time L. Ron Hubbard has a story in Dashing Stories, or in Gun-Slingers, or in Gun Novels, the circulation goes down. Plese don’t give us no more Hubbard nohow.

     The men have a right to be sore about it. In one way such things as this take the bread out of the mouths of babes (I’ve got two, thanks).

     But nobody will boycott a chap who tries like hell to make the magazine pay. Well, indirectly though it seems, I’m trying to up my own rates and your rates and the profit on the book.

     This idea is not original with me. I take no credit for it and I am not speaking with authority for any organization. However, I’ve named no solutions. That’s for the other chap, that’s the business of this one outfit of which I speak, helping writers and publishers alike. One of these days the solution will be advanced and everybody will be very happy, especially you and I with a big check in the pocket instead of a small check.

  ?       Publishers look with suspicion upon writers and their organization. They think the purpose they have in mind is forcing more money per word out of the tottering editorial budget.

     That doesn’t happen to be the truth. If a writer can boost sales of a book, and if he can give real, material help, and if he has any ideas what makes the dough come in, then he should be allowed to speak his piece in peace. That he is not, is true to many a man’s everlasting sorrow and it probably will be to mine.

     But somebody has to say something about this first and I’m saying it right here. Soon, if you and you and you give it moral support, we will see all the big advertising agencies paying attention and – what is more important – cold cash to the pulps.

     The first step has been taken. I am not the crusader, only the recorder. Since starting this article I have been told that I can tell you this. I wanted to be sure.

The Pulp Paper Puzzle continued...

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